Twice Lost in June

Written by: Daniel Larson

Write it on Monday
     and send it in June,
Pray that her lover
     don't find it too soon.
Pass on the sunrise
     but hold fast the moon,
Let go the promise
     which opens old wounds.

Offer up friendship
     that's hidden in time,
Dance to the music
     shared by joy and rhyme.
Stare at the movements
     coming from the mime,
Look to the mountains
     that he'll never climb.

Shadows in ev'ning
     cloud those that walk by,
Lost in yesterdays
     and the tears they cry.
Somewhere in night's dream
     two more secrets fly,
Leaving to angels
     fantasies denied.

Look back through the years
     then turn o'er the page,
Close the golden bars
     of a gilded cage.
Ride the waves of tide
     and collect a wage
For all that's been done
     when upon life's stage.

Sit back and enjoy
     the melodic tune
That carries the words
     written on a dune.
Maybe she be there,
     near your yellow moon,
Dreaming of a love
     once sent off in June.