my daughter says

Written by: Tanya Dickens

as a mother, with a tenure of 44 months....this speaks through my fingers in the voice of my daughter.....let your eyes hear in the voice of yours.  

"Mine eyes are green, like yours" 

"I lub you toooo" 

"I wanna wear that one, like yours" 

"Putting on my shoes, like you does" 

"Paint you nails? I wanna do it" 

"Let me help you"  

"can i go wit you?"

"You are my best friend, momma" 


"dance with me" 

"Play with me, run with me" 

"Walk the pass, this way like i do" 

"You so bue full"

"I like’a da’lake"

"These shoes is really fast! see, like that"  

"You said i could, yesterday - you did"