Supper Time

Written by: Richard Palmer

Fruit or chocolate,my favorite choice,
Chocolate with icing,fruit cake with raisin,with spice, 
Not too dry,saturated with wine,
Dinner is finished,can't wait till supper time,
For the kids,ice-cream and chocolate cake,
But a cup of coffee with fruit I will take,
Thumbs up Mamma P,this slice is great,
Keep getting better,every time you bake,
Teeth sink in,hmmmmm,savor the taste,
Hold it over a saucer,not a drop will waste,
Ants looking angry,hungry look on their face,
Sorry lads,just licked the last crumb from my plate,
Brush my teeth after some poems I read,
Yawn,good night Poetry Soup,I'm off to bed....