He Rules in Splendor

Written by: Eileen Manassian

                                                                                                                                                                                         He knows his splendor
Would be too much
To take in all at once
And so he announces his coming
By revealing little bits of himself...

A sun drenched tree in the distance
A building all lit up in his glory...
The windows ablaze with fire
Little by little he creeps closer and closer
To where I stand... 
Watering the grass.

Not wanting to overwhelm me
He creeps up from behind
And I feel his touch
On the nape of my neck
Enveloped by warmth, I turn around
For my kiss

He then continues on his way
Taking control of the sky
Exuding his authority
By turning everything in his path
To pure gold.
Slowly, but surely...
He subjugates everything he touches
Till he reaches his zenith in the sky
And is the supreme ruler.

This I know and of this I am certain
That I am and always will be
A worshiper of the sun!