Silk Sheets

Written by: Colin Marschall

Silk sheets stained with carnal knowledge
A funeral shroud ingrained with death.
Lust in your eyes just a fading memory,
Seductive smile lost to the night.
Watching the last remnants of your life escape
Soiling varnished floor like spilled paint.
My hand glued to the knife I hold,
While your heart, clutched to my breast, cools

~You said “I give you my heart”, so I took it~

I try to capture your dying scent,
all gone, 
enveloped by copper pheromones,

~You said “I’d die for you”, so let it be~

Silence, broken by ruby tears
Falling from the lampshade, crying
For your tortured soul…. Or, maybe, mine.
Crawling; blood emulsifies to my body; second skin

I look upon your crucified corpse, pale
As the waxing moonlight casts selective beams
Crowning your head in some macabre halo
Audience of shadows crying “bravo; encore”
Adulation seducing my fractured mind

~You said “I’ll never leave you”,
Now your satin embraces shall touch no another~

I lay my fingertips upon your eyes
Closing, hiding you accusing stare

~Peacefully sleep my lover, my life
For you tomorrow never comes
And now I leave you,
For there are many others who cry
To writhe in ecstasy; agony upon silk sheets~