God Reached Out

Written by: Lillie Williams

God Reached Out
I was walking down the
Street one day
When I felt it in my heart
This feeling deep in my soul
I knew it must be God
A new path had come to life
And set before my eyes
Tears ran down my face
Because of how I felt inside
I could see my old life
But it was in the past
I felt something in my spirit
I didn't know I had
God was reaching out to me
Because I am his child
When I thought on his goodness
I couldn’t help but smile
I finally found something
That changed my whole life
My worrying days are over
Now everything seems right
God reached out to me
Saying child take my hand
All the things you
Wanted to know
You now understand
I learned a lesson, that
Changes are made
The price for my soul
Jesus died and paid
I am no longer the
Person I use to be
Thank God almighty
I'm finally set free