John Chapter 17

Written by: Robert Pettit

Jesus and his disciples entered Gethsemane. The Mount of Olives in the night’s darkness they would be. Near him were Peter, and the two sons of Zebedee He would feel troubled, sorrowful, and filled with ennui. Jesus asked John and James, “Will you stay awake with me? Please stay up and keep watch. I know you are quite sleepy.” He moved a short distance from where the others would stay Jesus would kneel down to the ground, and started to pray: “For it shall be Your will, and forever from today. Father, if it’s possible, please take this cup away.” Jesus looked up into the heavens and then would say: “Father, time has come. I know there is little to do. Give your son praise to let all know the God that is true. To grant eternal life to all those who may know You. I have completed the work. It is totally through. In revealing Your name to all those whom You gave me, they now believe and accept You. They can plainly see I came from the true God. I was sent with certainty. I do not pray for the world, but for those who know me. Soon I’ll be coming to You. It’s near my last hour. Father, I ask you to protect them with Your power. I protected them when I was with them, as You willed None have been lost so that the Scripture would be fulfilled. While I am still in the world, I am saying these things. May they have the joy and pleasure knowledge of You brings. I’ve given them Your word, and the world has hated them. Please keep them, and protect them from evil’s stratagem. They are all not of this world, any more than I am. In all the truth and goodness within You, they’ll confide. By Your word that is the truth, may they be sanctified. I pray not only for them, but for those who follow In order to keep them all as one, as You they’ll know. Let them have the glory that You allowed them to see. Knowledge of You I shall spread in perpetuity. May all the world be brought into complete unity. Let them be one as I in them, and as You in me.