untitled part 1

Written by: John Castro

i am the salt of the earth and the ocean 
i am the light that shines from within 
the inner cries behind facial emotions 
the darkness that is covered in skin 

i comprehend the appearance of freedom 
though i am chained to this earth 
i accept the mistakes of edom 
and understand my own worth 

i am a man in need of compassion 
just like any who filled his challice 
but my love runs thin like rations 
and ive thrown virtue over the ballast

my eyes swing low in the presence of a smile 
and ears ring numb to a laugh 
i havent the endurance to run deceptions mile 
nor the energy to last 

the light goes into submission 
and the darkness smothers the land 
evil comes out of submission 
and begins to reach out its hand 

it comforts carress and consoles 
it puts the mind and body at ease 
then it takes over in total control 
and kills like a malignant desease 

it works its way thought the canvas of life 
and disfigures the art that has been laid 
like the reavers who waunder the night 
they destroy everything made 

watchers.... they gaze with envy 
as the fallen plunder the earth 
the hearts of many become empty 
as the battle begins for the turf 

they possesse and dismember ... 
the body of the humankind 
they erase what we remember 
over the ages of time 

they manipulate truth.... 
by the twist of a word and the tongue 
and all that was ever accomplished 
was demolished before it it ever begun 

but time is a constant and never ceases to flow 
what we forget in time only time again can bestow