Fire Makes My Soul Sing

Written by: Terrell Martin

Something about fire makes my soul sing 
Not from the flames of burning homes and buildings
But from smaller ones we joyfully ignite and bring 
A sense of warmth and wonder to our being.  
Nothing beats sitting around the crackling sounds
Of a camp fire in the woods;
With whispering wind passing through
The trees, leaving us introspectively thinking
Life is good and all is as it should.
And the smell of smoke snaking
It’s way from earth to sky;
The aroma of burning from a solid state
To ash before my eyes. 
And flames stretching higher like a funeral pyre, as if 
Reaching for the unimaginable beyond    
The next paradigm shift and ultimate gift.
While waiting for the flames to pass 
From growth to decay stage like some 
Red Giant Star nearing the end of its journey 
From near to far, I can’t help thinking how
Much we have in common with dust 
Made in space and fire in this race 
From burning heat to eternal, deadly cold.
It’s a wonder of wonders that gives 
All these thoughts of mine-d a place to shine 
As I watch the fire burn and yearn of growing 
Young again and old.