God is the Perfect Man

Written by: Lillie Williams

God is the perfect Man
When I need a shoulder to cry on
God is the perfect man
He knows how to comfort me
He truly understands.
When I reach the end of the road
And the valley I cannot see
God gives me clear sight;
He always walks with me.
He points me in the direction
That I should and ought to be
He lifts my spirits when I'm down,
He always encourage me
Sometimes life takes us down a 
Road that we can’t understand
God is there to guide us
He is the perfect man.
God gives strength to the weak,
And a light to find your path
God is the perfect man
He always understands.
He rocks me to sleep at night
When I had a bad day
God is the perfect man
What else can I say?
He heal the sick
And raise the dead
He always did just what he said.
There is none other like
Him; he rules this land
You will never find another;
Because; God is the perfect man!