Written by: Andrew Crisci

This is a dedication to David Williams
for his indomitable courage 
and goodness of heart. 

Michelangelo's hands created
the immortal David:
a young and handsome man
so masculine and vibrant...
as he it looks straight at us
desiring to join the Human Race!

Did a real person pose 
for the Master? Was he one 
of his scholars? We wouldn't know,
unless he himself spoke!  
Alone as a stone stoke by sunlight,
his muscular body stands out...
were all men in that brilliant age
as strong as he was?

We stare at this amazing statue,
and ask ourselves why he looks too real;
did Michelangelo, overwhelmed by incredibility,
strike him with his chisel and said, " Come alive? "

We wonder and doubt if this ever
crossed his genius mind 
in a moment of madness!
Most certainly, Michelangelo
carved him out of a fine marble
to reminisce his youth
lived as a boy such as David...
but is truth a fact that can be denied?