Song Of The Sacred and Profane -adult-

Written by: Robert Ludden

I see her as the woman on the road,
and in the distance just inside her sight,
one solitary male approaching—that alone,
draws up within her, latent fire
and by its warming she must genuflect
before the altar of desire.
There is a silent passion, holy in its touch,
that sparks connection, unexplained.
There is electric purity within its cloud
that strikes across that narrowing space,
creates magnetic lust in celebration
of the naked thrust oncoming,
finally to close the gap
between her trembling body
and his throbbing heat.

I see divinity in that.
I see the re-enactment of the woman made
to be the glory in that polymorphic act
inspired from pagan dreams of paradise, 
gifted yet today
upon the god-blessed whoring saint
called humankind.
(Some of you will be offended by this poem,
but I am more convinced than ever that there 
are times of affinity between the states of 
sexual attraction and holy blessedness)