An answer

Written by: khedher mouwahed

To You, I’d used to address my man covered with grime 
Poetry was space of style and dressing that I fill 
Panicked, incapable, feared loosing rhymes 
I thought once: my language of filling fell ill 
Even now as I’m struggling to unclothe You, I’m still wrong 
With more confusion, madness I dress you like a spruce 
Well, I have a first why (readers) added to your hurried Whys 
I’m confused and nothing can ease me like rhymes 
Why I keep writing, if I still can’t say who I’ am? ain’t that an abuse? 
Well, there is always place for questions and I have the all night long 
Questions are human’s one n only answer: don’t know. 
All answers are just veiled questions. Time’s up for covers to blow 
Time to be free of answers, no more questions to conceal 
Only questions can turn out truth: new answer? Misguided again, I feel 
Watch the oceans, winds and desert, in silence life goes on 
Watch whales, birds, and ants with no answers at all 
Speaking to life with life not with foolish words 
Life can’t be judged by the language of best and worst 
Yes, the oceans told me that life wasn’t written in a book 
Nor sang in a song or pictured in a film because life was alive 
Life wasn’t death to talk about with known pain to brook 
Life was alive speaking to us like sun : inviting roses to thrive 
Why? Why Should I wake few hours later, living meanings of life? 
Why shouldn’t I go: swim with whales, work with ants n fly with birds 
Why should I take a picture from an angle which never recreates life? 
Why, should I learn languages, while I could be part of the picture, speaking language of worlds? 
if I could speak life, I wouldn’t fear loosing rhymes! Or needed to address you my man 
Because I’ll be you and you’ll be me, I won’t need stupid words anymore 
No poetry, no descriptions, no judgment, no ‘wisdom’, no answers 
Only love of life, love that can never be expressed or released with pen 
All those questions I posed were only first mumbles, I guess 
Tomorrow, I’ll pose no more questions, I’ll simply say to life ‘yes’ 
Then I’ll speak life like birds n ants, celebrating life is the only thing to remember 
Only then, I can speak life, shouting not mumbling and knowing for sure that my saying(this last one) is answer!!!!