I Never Thought It Would Be Like This

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

     War, I Never Thought It Would Be Like This !!!

  I never thought to see man’s bones glistening white.
 Nor see disembodied limbs flying left and right.
 I never thought to see mud the colour of red
 Nor see young men blown to bits or lain dead.

 The rain isn't water it's blood mixed with tears
 Trenches full of bloated corpses, lice, fleas and fears
 No time to bury all, but those that receive an earth overcoat
 Are disturbed, exhumed by bombs, blown in stagnant trenches to                        float.

 Blasted from their resting places, scattered far and wide
 Dodging not only bombs and shells, but limbs landing by our sides.
 Men caught and ripped to shreds with razor wire and tracer shells.
 Left to die hanging there, moaning, screaming, no funerals no       church bells.

 I never thought to see these things, just victory, honour and glory
 Not see death destruction waste and sites disgusting and gory.
 I only wanted to fight for my King, family and country
 I never thought it would be a massacre that mortal  eyes should        not see.

© 27/07/2012 Lids aka ~GG~
They signed up so young and full of their patriotic duty, yet this is how is ended for most of them.