Written by: Amrapali Tendolkar

Life is so uncertain that you never can know,
When you will laugh or when tears will flow,
Or when a beloved one may leave you forever,
Or when life may give you some memorable moments to savour.

One day you may be the king of all the lands,
On some other day you may end up with nothing in your hands,
Rich or poor lifestyle is the destiny’s game,
Which may lead you to a bad name or maybe to fame.

Birth and Death are Life’s Trump cards,
Which when played catch you off guard,
While one gives happiness the other gives pain,
To challenge Life at such a stage is a move in vain.

The game of life though a very long one,
May end up sooner by a destiny’s turn,
If we quit we lose the game before it actually begins,
It’s when we face and fight obstacles that we can win.

Evanescence of moments is the nature of life,
Where to overcome difficulties you have to solve,
But once you have managed that, easy is the rest,
But remember to enjoy life my friends, when it is at its best!