Back to Me

Written by: jett franco

coffee never taste same as with you
the sweetness of mild flavored soul
now it's left crying in cold
never could take it all.

the tears just fell the floor of the dim
but never touched a single dust
for it dried from time so hard
crying unending from day to night.

the soul just withered and sick
never find the drug for it
and I know the one thing that could heal it
is the smile of the forgotten star.

I viewed the earth a flavored ivory
precious than the history of men
could ignite a more powerful fire
greater than the bomb, pity of Japan.

for your glow is empowering and strong
can make a cat kill a lion
for your beauty is a treat
to the universal goddess of mankind.

the envy of them is in you
the lasting radiance of the morning dew
all with you from time I touched your eyes
till the sight just turn to unending darkness.

I couldn't stop my mind so bothered
from your scented glorious breath
the lips so exquisite and lasting
softer than the mallows of the golden east.

by the fall of my strength will hold you deep
inside my heart ill carve your image
will draw your beauty over my mind
to stay smiling facing the mighty god.