Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon

I'm not a preacher; I'm just another believer. I believe in the future of my generation, because we are the solution generation. My generation... Flourishing in righteousness Walking in holiness Nourishing in goodness Connecting to grace yet wireless Overflowing amidst emptiness Shining amidst darkness Bearing fruits amidst barrenness Blossoming amidst dryness Breaking through in the wilderness Triumphant in godliness Abounding in greatness Making tremendous progress... My generation... Great stories yet untold Great vessels yet unfold Too glorious to uphold Too beautiful to behold Too fiery to be cold So vibrant and so bold We are the Master's mold To Jesus, we are sold For great testimonies to be told We are the generation with a medal of gold We are the royal priesthood... My generation... Holiness lovers Sin haters Glory carriers Light bearers Barrier breakers Line crossers Destiny builders Future shapers Corruption stoppers Life savers Freedom fighters Nations leaders Soul winners Bountiful reapers Tireless transformers Peace makers Pace setters Great achievers... My generation... Radiating joy: no more sorrow Rich in gold: no more borrow Filled by God: not hollow Deep in love: not shallow Always on top: not below Shield in amour: no arrow All round eagles: no sparrow Astute soldiers: no feeble marrow Rising from zero to hero Right path; we will follow My generation... With the scripture as our life mirror The picture of our future has no error We are the generation of God seekers We are the generation of heaven minders We are the bountiful soul harvesters We are the trees planted by the rivers of water We are the branches whose leaves shall not wither We are the generation that will greatly prosper... My generation... A generation with God's instruction Looking unto Jesus: our greatest motivation Empowered for the Great Commission We are the world's inspiration We are a holy nation We are a chosen generation We are the Unstoppable Generation We are a generation heading to a glorious destination We are the joy of many generation... My generation... We will arise and shine In eternity, with Jesus we will wine and dine... I'm not a preacher; I'm just another believer.