High Priestess Tarot Card

Written by: Seren Roberts

I am the high priestess
Second only to the magician
I sit between the white and black pillars
Bringing them into unison

I am the channel of communication
Through me all things are memorized
I know my cells each and all
Using them all for my guise.

I sit upon the white cube
This is the Physical plane
To follow me you must not
Allow moods to control your main..

If you cannot see the light
I have the moon at my head
The crescent at my feet
Together we can seek what lies ahead

The curtain behind me leads to deeper things
To knowledge beyond all knowledge
The fruit of the pomegranate adorn its cloth
Hiding the library of information it’s alleged

So to some I am cold, unpredictable, scary
To others too scared to come close vouchsafe
But I am the incubator of the child
Not of flesh but of ‘idea ‘kept  stable and safe

I am the High Priestess!!!