Reality Check

Written by: Rory Clark

She says I don't love you anymore
He laughs, turns, and shouts
“I already changed the lock on the door
You have been evicted, get out!”

The audience bates their breath
A collective inhale from the smoking mess
The man looks into the camera now
“Join us after the break”
What good ratings this does make

Protect your home, dog, and car!
Come try out the new Jaguar!
Be sure to catch the latest news!
(And listen to their biased views)
But most of all do be certain
to draw close the Digital Curtain!

Bringing you the latest
wars, famine and a rapist
A look at how the market grows
Avoiding talk of public lows
Trusting those who dress in suits
condemning those who march in boots

The BBC and ITV
A war in mediocrity
So watch manufactured laughter
or talent manufactured
But when you realise what your watching,
save the earth, and your brain,
turn off the toxin