Prayer In Old Age

Written by: DrJim Martin

Growing old is a thing looked forward to by all, 
To many it is the ultimate ball.
To others, however, please stop and hear, 
It is a time that is not all that dear. 

When children are small and living at home,
You dread the day when they will far away roam.
As they grow older you begin to forget, 
That they very soon will adulthood hit. 

As infants and young children they won your heart,
As they mature it sure does smart.
To see them make choices that are wrong as can be,
Yet, it is something that they for themselves must see.

Through the many heartaches and trials we go through,
There are a few things that we, as parents, must do.
Try and guide them with wisdom and love,
And pray that they finally will maturity prove.

To try and “make” them choose wisely, as before,
Is like walking into a tightly closed door.
As their rebellion continues to be displayed,
Never forget how often for them you prayed. 

Lord, open their eyes and speak to their heart, 
Cause them to again take a new start.
Help them to cease their selfish ways
And from this day forward enjoy selfless days.