Joshua At Jericho

Written by: DrJim Martin

At Moses’ death he was given command,
To lead God’s children into the Promised Land.
This people would continue on their way
To this land of promise, as God did say.

The shoes of Moses would be hard to fill,
But try, he must, and God’s will fulfill.
So across the Jordan to their first test,
They experienced that at which many would jest.

At Jericho they see a city fortified.
Tactics, they knew, would be severely tried.
Would Joshua’s planning a victory secure?
Of this they hoped, but were not completely sure.

As Joshua explained God’s plan for success,
They forfeited plans that they could suggest.
Their plan was logical to them, no doubt,
It would, however, leave God’s plan out.

They circled the city day after day,
Waiting for God, His power to display.
At the end of the week, after giving a shout,
The walls came down, the enemy was out.

Many lessons they at Jericho learned,
Victory was theirs, as they to God turned.
Questions were answered, doubts disappeared,
Now this enemy, they no longer feared.