I Put My Faith In Christ Not Men

Written by: Jim Pemberton

I Put My Faith In Christ!   Not Men!

I don’t need to “google,” to know what I believe in!
I put my faith in Christ…  
The day I received him!

I don’t need to find someone to get all the answers.
Or search the yellow pages, 
for a belly dancer!

I don’t need to join a club, or a “secret society.”
This would probably lead 
to more anxiety!

I don’t need to find a stranger, to share my feelings.
Or to share my thoughts online 
that are “revealing.”

When I need an answer or have a concern.
It’s the word of God that
 I shall read and learn!

If there’s a choice to be made, that can’t be decided...
I give it to God.  Everything I need…  He’s provided!

He’s the one I turn to, when I have a problem!
He’s a powerful God!  
And can always solve them!

There’s many things that offer
 “instant gratification.”
But no one can match God’s
 mercy and salvation!

It’s only through Jesus, I can find true sweetness.
He’s brought to my life joy
 and total completeness!

By Jim Pemberton