Written by: ilene bauer

Sometimes people feel as if
They’re living with a curse.
If you think about it, though,
Of course, things could be worse.

Life is filled with obstacles
And challenges adverse,
But when you stumble, keep in mind
That some folks have it worse.

Nature’s indiscriminate
When wreckage she’ll disperse,
Yet even if you’ve borne the brunt,
Things might have turned out worse.

Existence has one go-around;
We don’t get to rehearse.
Though critics gnash their teeth and howl,
Still, it could well be worse.

This little pearl of wisdom
Works in any universe;
No matter how you’re suffering,
There’s always room for worse.

For up until the moment when
You’re riding in a hearse,
We never know what lies ahead;
Misfortune may reverse.