Wintry Panorama

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Wintry Panorama" snowflakes twinkle as diamond baubles of Winter lace touching treetop tresses cascading landscape with grace pearlescent panorama decorates houses as icicles crystallize in vibrant view a Winter blanket carpets amid glorious sunrise. dazzling frosty windowpanes reflect a chilly atmosphere announcing Santa's on his way as Christmastime draws near upon the snowy lawns lights illuminate pristine O Holy Night as Angels gather round the manger scene. silvery stars glow as sequined embroidered light while the gold of crescent Moon indulges snowbirds in flight to journey a wintry panorama and inhale the love God has fashioned through Mother Nature falling from above. as soft mounds of drifting snow caress mountain peaks windchimes in the distance play while refrain gently speaks a carriage ride through the park covered in purest white accentuates the treasure of a Winter's cherished delight. tiny droplets of snow kiss cold cheeks to blush chilly temperatures tingle as toys of warmest plush a joyous Season embraces as embers in a fireplace crackle comfort as eyes enjoy rare beauty of white lace. *For Gail Angel Doyle's Winter Blanket Contest. *Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S. *Nov. 7, 2012.