Midnight Snack

Written by: Susan Burd

I have a craving
Yes, I do.
It’s not for cake or
Beef fondue.

When midnight comes ‘round
I must eat,
So I run out to
Search the street.

And in one crazy
Madd’ning dash,
I rummage thru the
Dirty trash.

For anything that
Smells real foul
And makes me wanna
Hoot and howl!

Old, cold spaghetti,
Flies on meat
And rotten omelettes
Are a treat.

Some slimy sardines
In the can.
Or dried out pizza,
I’m a fan!

Green gobs of cheese on
Cabbage heads
Are quite delicious
With stale bread.

An alley cat that’s
Prowling late
Makes perfect kebobs-
On my plate.

And it’s a prime night
When I snatch
Up juicy maggots,
In one batch!

Yum, there’s my dessert-
Hot and sweet.
Old stinky sneakers
Can’t be beat!

Huh?  What’s that you say?
This all sounds
Way too gross when I
Make my rounds?

Well, wait.  I really
Thought you knew,
It’s what us monsters
Like to do!

By Susan Burd ©2012