In The Year 2012

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

Joining poetry soup is what I enjoyed most this year,
Because I practiced my skills in writing a poem for other,
And know some of the great poets/writers everywhere,
Many hours I spent in a day to write words I like to gather.

It all started when my friend ask me to look for this site,
I just said yes just to show that I’m nice and polite,
To tell the truth, I don’t have confidence to write poems, really,
Later on, I found out I can write and I am very happy,
also to meet people who are good, funny, and friendly.

Third quarter of this year, I voted as a member of a community,
Where people of the same nationality have a goal and in unity,
I did my best to help those who are in need my services and do my duty,
I humbly offer my sincerest dedication to my work happily and peacefully.

2012 is the one of the best and unforgettable year for me,
I know it will continue next year or many years as what I foresee,
And to all people who make my dreams come true in 2012,
So much thanks, for without you all I can’t achieved all of this.

November 8, 2012
For Carol's Contest "In The Year 2012"
3rd Place Winner