Till You -- Lyrics

Written by: John Posey

I’ve been so many places; traveled down some roads -- Mixed with a thousand faces where the Ganges overflowed. I've crossed majestic mountains; walked some valleys too -- Tossed coins into fountains, but I never saw them -- till you. I've traveled endless highways; left countless roads behind -- Walked along some byways that still linger on my mind. I've come back home from St. Tropaz; walked the beach at Malibu. I lived awhile in Monterrey, but I never saw them -- till you. (Bridge) Till you I never saw the sunset on Biscayne. Till you I never heard a gentle summer rain. I’ve been so many places I’d like to go back to But only if you come (to/with) me and make them all come true. I've stood beneath the tower when Big Ben chimed at noon. I've whiled away some hours under a great big Texas moon. I spent some time at Waikiki; roamed the wilds of Timbuktu. I've sailed on all the seven seas, but I never saw them -- till you. (Instrumental break) (Repeat bridge)