Written by: Joe Flach

I carry baggage full of past mistakes
And sins of omission, too
Memories of things I should not have done
And dreams that never did come true
The burden grows a little bit heavier 
Each step along the way
But I carry my load without complaint
Every night and every day

I’ve earned every scar that I now wear
On my imperfect body
I’ve got no one to blame for my awful pain
Except this man that I call me
I noticed that you have baggage, too
That you carry with you everywhere
I think for us to get along
It’s best that we don’t compare

I accept you for who you are today
And not for the baggage at your feet
It’s what we do from this day forward
That will make our lives complete
We can help each other lighten their loads
If we can let go of the past
If we check our baggage with the man upstairs
This love will forever last