Written by: Joe Lopez

Call me, Captain Lo,
There's a story among sailors,
I hope you know.
It's about a beautiful girl at sea.
Her voice has quite an allure,
Whenever she's heard.
Every sailor goes mad with desire.
Of that, you can be sure.
No sailor has seen her face.
No one knows why?
No one has survived the quest.
They usually die.
It's been rumored,
That the sailor who kisses,
The sea beauty will be,
Master of the Sea.

She whispered,
Come and see me.
Every man got to his boat,
And traveled over sea.

She whispered louder,
Where are you?
We're coming. Love.
The waters are bumpy.
But, we'll get through.

The sea began to swell,
And the wind blew.
All the ships fell,
Except one.
Of course,
It was, Captain Lo.
I hope you know.

She whispered even louder,
Come to me,
I want to see you.
The sea is rough.
But, don't worry, my Love.
My ship is tough enough.

She howled with force,
Why won't you come to me?
Do I not excite you?
You excite me, my Dear.
I've been caught in a shear.
The treacherous sea,
Has thrown me off course.

The boat was battered and bruised.
Before it broke apart in the sea,
The waters became peaceful and free.
There at the center of the commotion,
She made her appearance.
Her name was, Sandy.
We kissed.