White Light

Written by: Thomas Brown

I can't remember a bit of what had transpired,
A flash of light hits my eyes, a white spire,
My head burns with pain as that light eats away like fire,
What happened to me, this knowledge I demand and desire.

An unknown holds my hand, I want to look but I cannot see,
The voice sounds like an echo, what could it be,
My heart is racing and I can hear the doctor's feet,
I'm going to surgery or the light will take me.

I feel something tight, a hand holding mine,
I wish this white light would not so brightly shine,
No matter what, this feeling will not decline,
Suddenly the white light looks just fine.

I awaken and give a tired look around,
In a hospital room and my arm is bound,
Was this the tightness that kept me so sound,
But definitely as I look, not a single soul around.

Did I imagine the heavenly grasp on my hand,
Was it actually just this strap and band
What made me feel so safe when worst was at hand,
Was nothing but gauze and tape

I miss the white light that hit me so hard,
With the heat in my head tearing me like a card,
Doctors took me from it, yet I keep high regard,
It was a beautiful sight, that white light and my guard.

I will see the white light one day,
I will behold it's beauty without the slightest delay,
So until then I will heal my wounds and lay,
Until again I see the white light, there to stay.