Someone Like You

Written by: jett franco

I heard about an angel,
And I feel the care for you.
I saw your face,
And more I hold on dreams.
I learned to feel you,
And I’m moved inside the flame.
I proposed my love, 
And you answered without questions.

Now you’re with me 
 Breeze of winter of my sea.
I kissed your lips,
And felt the heaven in it.
I felt your heart,
And I want to live in snow.
Now that we’re together,
I wish it never ends.

But the climax stops,
We lost the biggest wish.
The sky turns against me,
I lost the brightest star.
One wish I’m afraid to lost,
But now must face the truth.

I hold on dreams
But it’s all outdated and wrong
You learned to live without me,
I feel the other ways of love.
Sorry, but you’re my breath
You’re just the best I learned.

More years went through and faded,
And the pain gets lost.
But within the passing years,
I know I know I had lost the girl.
Only the best for you,
Luckiest holder of my heart.