Darkness of Faith

Written by: jett franco

I question some answered one, 
on bare mind as shadow of faith collided  my way
all troubles let me think 
that something  wrong is playing around my feet
before I ride on mantrams of goodness, 
my near company of believers say
riding more and more I see such things out of order, 
out of my supposed norm

one with culture said too much for me, 
culture of violence and out of equilibrium
the norm seems below the views I understood before, 
such blood is more than light
I see all black, 
see all tears shading on palm branches and lonely grasses on sand
as they walk alone the burning desert barefooted and naked, 
naked for their rights

I would love the man that bought me to be his wife, 
be his property
will have sons and daughters 
to maximize the faith that started in me
no rights to go where else, 
my man must be the guide cause I'm not allowed on my own.
I'm just a treasure,
instrument to produce more to keep my belief safe.