This touching feeling, is you

Written by: Delilah Ventura

Our relationship felt like a ...abomination
Heart so scorn and broken

		This affection, touching spirit running threw my spine
		          Passion touching my skin and making me spin
			   Yearning for my blood 

Yes, I praise

	For struggle to fight for our love
	       It's worth the fight
	I attempt to cherish our relationship

						Tease me please

			Flame reach my finger tips
			      For love, I taste you all the way
			Tender feeling, stay in my cup

									Over flow, no
				For love has reached my inner soul
					As, I cry no more
				Flowers bloom my tears
					Bamboozle no longer lives here
I scream

		Only you
				Only my boo
							Only my true love

					Which is you