Love's pain

Written by: laura street

A little more than tipsy,
 So truth be my master,
 Cannot be the girl for u
 For love is my disaster,
 Alone always I must be
 For all I can see is blue
 So forgive and forget me,
 For I don't know wat I do.
I loved you with all my heart
 As my mind it broke apart
 I know I caused u pain
 Those tears in the rain
 I'm just too human to be loved
 As away from you I shoved
 I just love far to much
 To ever really be in touch
 Alone in my world I live
 Just not enough to give
In love I always deeply fall
 As I give my very all
 But too intense they say
 As I wave by another day
 The dusk, a sign of an end
 To another very good friend
As i walk through this busy mall
 The tears just continue to fall
 Around me a bustling crowd
 Can't drown my thoughts so loud
My tears they never cease to flow
 The hurt bubbling from deep below
 A million things ill just never know
 So many truths I can never show