Love Was Never There

Written by: John Posey

It seems like only yesterday
That you and I were one.
We laughed, we cried, we always tried
To let our songs be sung.
When love was good we made a vow,
All our life to share.
Now you're gone, and I must find
A reason not to care.

You played the game all by yourself,
You never asked me to.
I didn't think you'd go away
Or ever be untrue.
Now that you're gone, my life stands still --
Just memories remain.
Somehow I must learn not to care
And start to live again.

Someday I'll know how not to love.
Someday I'll know how not to care.
But, until then, I'll just pretend
Love was never there.
Love was never there, no --
Love was never there.
If I say it long enough, I find,
Love was never there.