A Recipe for going to Hell

Written by: Lillie Williams

A Recipe for going to Hell 
First you start with the devil 
1 cold heart 
2 cups of whiskey 
4 cups of jealously 
5 cups of hate 
3 cups of adultery 
21 teaspoon of lies 
And a lot of backbiting 
You take the devil and mix him with the 1 cold heart, then you go around tearing God church apart 
You take the 2 cups of whiskey, and mix it with the 21 teaspoon of lies; you then persecute God’s saints, and ignore their humble cries 
Mix the 4 cups of jealously with the 5 cups of hate, don’t worry about heaven, you will never enter the gate 
Now last but not least; you take the 3 cups of adultery and mix it with a lot of backbiting; you are on your way to hell now; Ain't this exciting? 
This is a recipe that I would not use, nor would I sell, and if you use it today, it’s a recipe for going to hell!