Hear ME

Written by: Dark Mistress

Hear ME!

Rocking the edge of angels disturbing those at rest. 
This weights so heavily upon my chest, some day I may confess. 

Forever thinking these two worlds shall never meet. 
Once barricaded, we shall never leave.

I will race you to edge of imagination, 
Where no sensation, defeats temptation.

An owned asylum which is hardly missed,
Leave me, if you insist. Umm, harder to resist.

Left here on my own, long & suspended,
I'll shall find my way home. 

I'll watch it fall, gather round. 
Leave this burn, six feet under ground. 

There's not way you see, 
This is the end of our destiny. 

Meet me at the gate, 
Were severance will never be to late. 

I am a legend made of wine, This is the land of reprisal. 
The edge of beginning. No essence, more divine.

Do you know what it is to feel free? 
Every inch simultaneously

That oh so familiar face, 
Disappearing now without a trace. 

Where perfection hardly makes me real, 
It's proven this is the only thing, I shall never feel.