Private phone at Midnight

Written by: Lillie Williams

Private Phone at Midnight 
 There is something about 
 The midnight hour 
That keeps me in 
 Touch with God. 
My private phone 
At midnight comes 
Straight from my heart 
When everyone is asleep 
 I can get a phone call through 
The same God that 
Listens to me will 
Also listen to you. 
When people do me wrong, 
And make me shed my tears. 
I use my private phone line 
To tell God how I feel. 
The line is always open, 
Never too busy you see; 
 I know the Lord 
God lives, because 
 He also lives in me. 
Get on your private 
 Phone at midnight 
And keep in touch 
With God; but before 
You dial the number, 
 Make sure you want 
Him in your heart.