We have but one

Written by: Dark Mistress

We have but one...

Blood & tears
Shallow graves
Fragile bridal bones
You search for me
You seek solitude
you find me in the darkest of corners
as the street lights dim 
I lurk in symmetrical shadows 
I creep silently behind you 
I'm the chill that fills the surface of your skin 
I'm an echo of the unknown noise you barely hear in your not so distant future 
Fear me if you must, I am the inevitable. 
You may run, you may try to guide yourself with the filth of sandy muck beneath your feet.
Time is within my corner, no distance, no wrong or right path will make up the difference. 
You will eventually bow down. Accept life for what it is, take your time, rush if you must. You have but one. 
Be kind, be crude. This will be your page to burn, when the creases of age catch up with you.