How do I stop the Pain

Written by: Lillie Williams

  How do I stop the Pain 
Life must go on no
 Matter what Is real 
There must be an answer
To the way that I feel 
How do I stop the pain,
 That burn deep in my soul
How can I be complete,
 How can I be whole ?

No one ever told me that
 Love could make me sad 
And I did not know that
 It could hurt so bad. 
When I see him with someone
 Else tears began to flow
Does he see how bad I hurt, 
 Is it possible for him to know? 

It should be me that
 He kisses every night 
Am I wrong to feel this way,
 Or could I be right? 
I feel like I am stranded 
Outside in the rain 
How can I get over him,
 How do I stop the pain? 
So many sleepless nights, 
And I hate getting out of bed, 
I will always be with you; 
That’s what he said. 

Pain makes you feel like 
You are already dead, 
It makes you feel like
Rocks in your head
Can it be this serious,
 Or is it just a game 
Will I ever know; 
How do I stop the pain?