Written by: Dark Mistress


Embraced , encased or chased
Powerless, to whomever we urge to face.

Diligent, indifferent or simply negligent.
To our inner child who stands reluctant.

Meticulous, scripting a detailed perfectionist
Unwillingness, We’ve left this to the novelist.

Corrosion, erosion, sorting through levels of devotion.
Repeated chapters running, without notion.

Abandoned, discarded or simply detained.
Explain! I choose to abstain.

No sweeter place that in your mind.
Skipping rocks across a deserted river. No notion of time.
Never knowing what it is you are giving up.
Love can seldom be enough.
Strong rooted weed,
That stubburnly decides to never leave.
Whispers blowing wildly in the wind.
Briskly thinking, how did I unhinge?
Much in store,
Yet no surprise, you wanted more. 
Perfect standing silhouettes in a row.
How could I have known?
Heeling these open wounds,
Will never come to soon.
All my sins viewed, 
This penance, I choose.
Lost & revenge you face,
Leaving a cold seal, that can never be traced.
I'm always there. Good to see you again.
I'll be leaving you behind, my dear old friend.