Psychic Line

Written by: Lillie Williams

Psychic Line 
Some people have left God 
And reaching for the Psychic line 
Only two ninety nine a minute 
And false information you are buying. 
Will I get married and be happy as can be? 
Why call the Psychic line, Jesus gives 
The information free. 
You refuse to fast and pray 
It takes up too much time 
So you pick up the telephone 
And call the psychic line 
I lost my wife, is my husband coming back? 
I need to call the psychic line to get 
The basic facts. 
What you do not understand is 
What you fail to see 
The answer lives in Jesus who 
Died on Calvary 
Never be quick to believe, what’s on TV 
And never forget the man
 That died to set you free

The answer is not in the psychic line 
So erase it from your head. 
The answer lives in a man that 
God raised from the dead 
If you believe I speak the truth, then 
Get your business straight 
And divorce the psychic line before 
It’s too late.