You Gave

Written by: Lillie Williams

You Gave 
You gave me everything 
A woman could want 
And you didn't sway me down 
With all your do’s and don’t 
You gave me riches 
And placed it on the shelf 
I thought I had everything 
And got beside myself 
You gave me flowers 
Violets of blue 
And when I needed comfort 
It was always you 
You fill me up 
With so much love 
Everything I needed 
You provided in this world 
You gave me every part of you 
You held nothing back 
When I said I’ll never leave you 
Was it just an act? 
You gave me the mountain 
And land across the sea 
Everything you have 
Now belongs to me 
I will always wonder 
Time and time again 
Will you ever let 
Go of me 
And will my riches end?