Skeleton in my closet

Written by: Lillie Williams

Skeleton in my Closet 
I had many sleepless nights 
And walked a painful path 
Sorrow, heartache and pain 
I remembered from my past 
I've done many things 
I know wasn't right 
And the skeletons in my closet 
Came back to hunt my life 
In my strongest hour, I 
Found myself to be weak 
And I shared all night passion 
With strangers in the street 
I thought they would love me 
When I gave them my all 
I didn't resist temptation, I 
Answered many calls 
I somehow fell in love 
And met a wonderful man 
If he found out about the 
Skeleton in my closet 
He wouldn't understand 
 My past is now the present 
 That has surface to the light 
The place that kept my secrets 
Is now what hunts my life 
I bear the truth in my heart 
Silent as a Lamb 
When he finds out 
The truth, will he 
 Know the type of 
Woman that I am 
The skeletons in my closet 
I kept them locked away 
To ashamed to speak of them 
Until this very day 
If I tell him the truth 
His love I will lose 
I feel like I am trapped 
I feel like a fool 
If I had the power to go 
Back and change my life 
I would have no pain 
And no more sleepless nights 
I would have no secrets 
For no one to understand 
Only joy and peace, somewhere 
Happy with my man!