Jesus the Answer

Written by: Lillie Williams

Jesus the Answer 
To win this race I 
Need strength and power 
I need the hand of Jesus 
Every minute in the hour 
I need his loving touch 
To start me on my way 
I am thankful for his son 
As I honor him today 
Holiness he desire to 
Live it in my life 
To always remember, to 
Do that which is right 
To fight to win this race 
As I travel through this land 
To speak of his goodness 
To every woman and man 
Never forget to bow down 
Humble yourself to pray 
Jesus is the answer 
He’s the only way 
He is my savior 
My joy, my friend 
He holds the future 
The beginning and the end 
He is your peace 
In time of sorrow 
He holds today 
He is tomorrow 
Jesus is the answer 
He’s yours, he’s mine 
He will not delay 
You can reach him 
Any Time 
The life that we live 
Take it day by day 
Jesus is the answer 
He’s the only way