Bucket List

Written by: Kasey Bass

Bucket List-
When you really think about it, in depth, what is this thing we call Life? Is it a person living, a soul, a body? 
No. It's the one chance we get to prove ourselves. Some short, some long, and a prayer said for those whom have never truly lived at all. 
Staying within the boundaries of which you were born is not Life, it's settling. Settling with where you are, and limiting yourself to what you know, and the experiences you could have. 
What is it to you to hear someone explain that cool wind brushing across your face while standing on a mountain, in Alaska, where it is 2 am but your staring off into the lit up distance?
Nothing. Because It's only a picture in your head of a memory you'll never have. But why? Why listen to the stories. Why gasp over the pictures of the Grand Canyon, Rome, A Vineyard in Italy, etc. 
Just GO. 
Go...not for me, or for your peers, but for you. 
For you, that somewhere down the road you may look back on those times and know that this Life you have lived is not wasted. Why are the 7 wonders of the world there if you aren't going to experience them? And/or go beyond that. 
Paint a picture in your head of every dream, wonder, and future memory you wish to have. Every one wont come true, but you'll have the memory of trying. One more thing to look back and laugh on. 
Learn. Learn about places you've never heard of, experience things you never would have thought of. Give yourself these opportunities, for you never know in whom you may come in contact with. Their lives may change because of your story. 
Many more people would pass after living a fulfilling life, rather than never seeing outside of this country. 
Not every adventure will prosper, because as nice as it seems, you can't get there on dreams. But every experience will come in due time. It will never come too early, or too late. It will come right when God intended, right when you were suppose to meet the people in which you will come in contact with. So don't be afraid, don't be just a tourist.
travel the world and go where you want, while leaving a mark on every place. Something that's totally you, and if you we're to revisit 100 years from now, it would still be there. 
Impact every person you meet. Whether its giving them a smile while they wear a frown, or helping a person in need. 
This life is a Gift, and you only get one here on earth. So do with it what you will, but take this advice given, Because "everyone is alive, but not everyone is living." And every day, every moment, your time gets a little thinner. So don't wait...Live.