When I make love to her

Written by: James Chenevert

         Whenever I am with her and she is wrapped tightly in my arms, The world for a brief moment, suddenly disappears. Then, everything seems to be all right. I slip into a place of oblivion while tasting the beauty of her charms. We kiss. So gently at first, while exploring the depths of her secret soul as the softness of her body, so sensuous in so many ways,is able to quench my driving thirst.
         She takes me to places I have never traveled before. Making me feel things like Volcano's erupting as my hot blood flows like molting lava. Yet, at times, she makes me feel like I am in flight. A spitit with wings. So subtle is her love, so intriguing is the mystery of her. I sense the wonder of a thousand stars lighted so brightly along with a hundred galaxies filled with the music of the Gods. A million universes all molded into the ecstasy of beauty and love untamed by the touch of man. Each time we make love, it becomes a new experience. She becomes all that I am, I become all that she is. We become one body in spirit and mind.
        She has touched the depth of my being. Pulled away the outer shell. Bared to her is the essence of my heart and all that I am. With her, I am the man, the pebble in the sea. She is all that is part of me, WHEN I MAKE LOVE TO HER.