Cupid's Deadly Bow

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Twinkling eyes behind veiled sight
Hair turning slowly from peppered to white
Heart beats, it pounds a drum roll
Matching the heart of the one you stole

Rock and Roll, the beat’s in your blood-
Youth trapped inside, love still in young bud
The blossom of the bud will reach its full bloom
The petals as they open, as a bride to a groom.

Feelings never change, no matter the age
Youth calls to us all on that I will wage
Love holds no bounds it strikes where it will
Cupid and his darts keep firing still

There is no armour to protect the chest
The arrows still pierce, even the best
So if you see a little winged boy with a bow
Duck, run away, hide, cos you never just know.

© ~GG~ 7/11/2012