With a Little Salt and Lime - Edited Version

Written by: Tim Ryerson

***Based on the song 'The Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Hello Jose my old friend
I'm here to guzzle you again
The party started before afternoon
I started sipping on you far too soon
My last SENTENCE I fear was slightly slurred
(Vision blurred)
Forgot to EEEET...my breakfast

The look with pity upon me
'Can't hold his liquor' they agree
Now I'm weaving when I try to walk
Senseless babble when I try to talk
Then I feel the NEEEED to flee to an old-oak-tree
(to heave and pee)
but cannot LOOOZE...my breakfast

Did not like his tone at all
Got myself into a brawl
I quickly put him in his rightful place
Broke his knuckles with my pretty face
Shoulda' had my OOOATS but didn't so alas
(I kiss the grass)
and now my ASSSS...is breakfast

In the morning I awake
throbbing with a frightful ache
Sun-glaring thru the window pane
I whine and whimper in my wretched pain
In the next room a TEE-VEE-is-blaring
and screams in-my-pounding-ear
(No thank you dear)
Just coffee PLEEEZE, think I'll pass...on breakfast

(From a grateful fan of Carolyn Devonshire)