Paralyzed by indecision

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Here I stand 
Not able to choose
When you get to an age
There is so much to lose

No time for rebuilding
If the choice goes wrong
That's why I've continued
On this path for so long

This isn't the first time
I have stood at this place
With the same decision
I didn't want to face

I wonder where I would be
If I had chosen the other road
Would I now be resting
Not carrying this heavy load?

I wish I knew the answer
Either way there is a cost
All that I have built
Or the future I have lost

Am I a coward
If I don't go the other way?
I want to listen to my gut
And what it has to say

My brain says continue 
Stay on the same one
It's not about me
I have a wife and son

So I remain paralyzed
Unable to choose
Back to the beginning 
Will I gain
Or will I lose

Written by Richard Lamoureux for; Standing at a Crossroad contest.